Business analytics in a broader sense is the foundation of our business.  We are using data from different sources in order to obtain useful information and insights for our clients (formalized through model, rule sets, or individual insights), as well as automation and deployment of obtained results and models, with visualization of the results. We are a company with an experienced team of experts in the field of analytics, business statistics, machine learning and predictive analytics.  Areas we cover are:

  • Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning – Using Algorithms to Build Descriptive and Predictive Models (Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning). Languages and Environments: R, Python, IBM SPSS.
  • Prescriptive Analytics – Supplemented with mathematical programming when a descriptive or predictive model does not provide direct recommended business decisions.
  • Optimization of resources by direct application of mathematical programming (linear, nonlinear, and constraint programming heuristics). (ILOG CPLEX, Lingo, Python).
  • Data Engineering – ETL on various data sources, including Big Data environments
  • Visualization through the development of ad hoc applications and dashboards.